First Grammar Class at LSI

I have enrolled in English classes at LSI Berkley and I have met new friends there: Joy from Italy, Zara from Saudi Arabia and Michi and Michiru from Japan. So far, I highly recommend the institution. I have been treated well by Ava, who is in charge of student services, Greg, the School Director, Mackenzie, who is in charge of academic matters and my teacher, who is an angel: Megan.

I think I’d like to share what I learned from Megan’s classes today. We started with an unusual presentation, saying the first thing that came to our minds when the teacher said key words like You, your country, Berkeley, English and science. The last word was related to the first activity: Speaking by interviewing all the classroom with some questions. My question was “Do you think it is acceptable for animals to be used in experiments? Does it make a difference if the experiments are for medical research or for cosmetics testing?. From 9 students I only got one negative answer. It was from Maria, a teacher of English at schools in Italy.

The next activity was about Facts and Myths. I enjoyed this activity because it involved curiosity-piquing topics. Here is the list of the items with their answers:

  1. A coin dropped from a very high building can kill someone on the ground (MYTH)
  2. We only use ten percent of our brains. (MYTH)
  3. There us no part of the moon that is permanently dark. (FACT)
  4. Rubber tires protect a car from lighting. (MYTH)
  5. Albert Einstein was very bad at math in school. (MYTH)
  6. Antibiotics don’t kill viruses. (FACT)… they only kill bacterias.
  7. A full moon makes people and animals go crazy. (MYTH) … only in movies
  8. Bats are blind. (MYTH) … they also have a good sense of smelling and hearing

The following chart was so helpful, I hope you can learn some intonations like I did!

Person              Adjective                Subject

scientist           scientific               science

chemist            chemical              chemistre

biologist           biological              biology

physicist          physical                physics

geneticist         genetic                 genetics

geographer      geographic         geography

economist        economic            economics

politician         political                politics

After that, we completed some sentences with correct grammar:

  1. Scientists carry out experiments in a laboratory.
  2. Archimedes made an important in his bathtub.
  3. Isaac Newton experiments proved his theory that gravity existed.
  4. Before a pharmaceutical company can sell new drugs they have to do tests to make tests to make sure they are safe.
  5. Scientists have to do a lot of research into the possible side effects of new drugs.
  6. People can volunteer to be guinea pigs in clinical trials.
  7. Both Sir Humphry Davy and Thomas Midgley damaged their health as a result of inhaling chemicals.
  8. Neither Thomas Midgley nor General Motors were prepared to admit how dangerous lead was.
  9. Until 1973, all cars used leaded gas.
  10. All the blood Bogdanov used in his experiments might have been contaminated because he never tested any of it.
  11. Sir Humphry Davy was fascinated by everything to do with gases.
  12. Most of my closest friends live near me.
  13. You can come over any time on Saturday. We will be home all day.
  14. Everything is ready for the party. We are just waiting for the guests to arrive.
  15. Most of people enjoy the summer here, but for some it is too hot.
  16. Gina goes dancing every Friday night.
  17. We do not have any onions for the soup.
  18. Any of us wants to go out tonight. We are all broke.
  19. Anybody can go to the festival. It is free.
  20. I have two very close friends, but unfortunately neither of them lives near me.
  21. I would like to have a bigger table, but there is no room in my kitchen.
  22. Both the kitchen and the bathroom needs cleaning.
  23. The food was not cheap neither tasty.
  24. We can go on vacation either on July or August.
  25. Both of the trips were long and boring.
  26. It is Jane or Karen birthday today? I cant remember it.
  27. My brother has neither the energy nor the stamina to run a marathon.
  28. Both her aunt and cousin came to visit me.
  29. We can either walk or take the bus.
  30. I have two children but neither of them look like me.
  31. My parent loves horses and both of them ride every day.
  • You can use this help for Either an Neither as Meagen said: Either or + , Neither nor –

From this first day, I learned a couple of idiomatic phrases, such as “as blind as a bat” and “take a toll on”, where is used in sentences like “Your words took a toll on my feelings”.

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Starting over GUADEC 2015

Goterborg is an amazing city. Everything is in order, neat, modern, safe, well-maintained, with good taste in design. They care so much for the environment and good education for their people. Definitely, it is a place with good quality of life, kind people and the cutiest babies and dogs I have ever seen before.


I have been attended GUADEC since 2011, and I try not to miss it every year. Each opportunity is a new start where I can learn from other GNOME members experiences and in some ways recharge my passion which marks a time-stamp in my life.

As usual, my “GUADEC ritual” starts the moment that I apply for a visa to the embassy of the country where it is due to take place, then I make a request to the GNOME Foundation for sponsorship. To prepare myself for the long journey of traveling between several countries to my final destination, I train my eating and sleeping time. Unfortunately, for this years GUADEC, I struggled with them, even more, some pictures I have taken of this experience, show how my jet lag affected me! Another part of the ritual is packing, wear my jeans with nicer GNOME t-shirts and GUADECs from previous edition to show up. I decided to wear the GNOME PERU FEST t-shirts 2012, 2014 and 2015.

Being asked by migrations with interesting questions like why does Peru not have Sweden Embassy and passing the re-checked bags every transit one and one more time without shoes. All these worth when I am literally in the heaven enjoying the view of cities, islands and oceans from the top. Seeing the dancing of many shapes and colours of the clouds and the sun, is awesome!

Anyway, this time I came up with the idea to post in twitter the phrase of “You know you are in GUADEC when….” because as soon I arrived, I was striving my best to find the hotel that GNOME arrange, I found GNOME people in the way. Same story as previous GUADECs is people discovering the new place in groups, people coding in the lobby until late night and I when you woke up early morning, they are still busy in coding.

Presentations at the conference runs smoothly and they were so interested, OpenCloud, OpenOffice and other projects showed their advances. I hope Boxes can run also one day over MAC and other operative systems since we need to reach more users.


*   My impressions to improve some aspects of GUADEC 2015:

  1. Advertising like banners at the main entrance may help to identify the place of the event.
  2. The InfoDesk could have at least four lines instead of one. Maybe divided by last names (A-D) (E-H) (I-N) (O-Z), and maybe get another printer or set it in another table for the non-registered people. The distribution and design of the info desk is important as well as the location of different stands of Red Hat, OpenSuse, Igalia and the other sponsors.
  3. I really loved the design of the GUADEC 2015 badge, Bastein did a good job using the color turquoise. It would have been so great to have the same design in t-shirts GUADEC 2015.
  4. To have some food alternatives in the wiki or in the GUADEC social Webpage would have been helpful, considering prices, menus, locations and time. Some of them were closed at noon.
  5. In order to meet new people during the picnic activity, (it seems like it was the first GUADEC of most of them) would have been nice to share some activities together to meet each others.
  6. The use of twitter or any other social networks were not encourage to use as before.


There were two innovations this time, Jiri Eischman proposed a new way to stay in contact using a CHAT, it would have been so good if all the participants of GUADEC were added. The other was the gift for volunteers and participants. Florian Muller deserves the price, he is a good developer of GNOME shell and he is cool at the same time!

Besides the bad comments and discouragement of some developers related to the future of GNOME, I have seen the effort of the newbies to improve their projects, the enthusiasm of coala developers and the willing GNOME Asia community members were so admirable.


Many thanks to Fabiana and Andreas Nilsson for organising the event, I know it is a huge responsibility to care any single detail of it. I have met the local organiser Olive Prospt who is truth is his word, and he is a smart guy.

Thanks GUADEC for letting me organize the games called “Sport Hackaton”, it was so great thanks to the coordination of Carlos Soriano, the manager of people Syska from Indonesia and all the participants who surprise me with all the fun, it was definitely a cute unforgettable moment.


Special thanks to Tobias Mueller for encouraging me to do the GNOME America and all GNOME friends who wants to come to Peru like Jana from Republic Czech, Magdalen Berns and others… old GNOME friends like Andre Klapper, Srinivasa and BinLi, and the new ones like Rashi and Nuritzi for being so kind people!

Finally, congratulations to the winner of the pants Emily, she works for GNOME since 2006 and her labor is more than admirable as a profesional and as a person. Congrats to Shaun McCance, the new president of the GNOME Foundation and Kat for the re-election.


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Free Maths conferences

I was attending the MATH school at IMCA, I must confess that I did not consider maths as I was doing before. Thanks for the effort for training Peruvian students and professionals in this branch. There are no words to explain these experiences, only formulas can do it!  . . . The best of this: the classes are in English and they use GNU/Linux! :) conferencias

The school and the conferences are for FREE… Join us and spread the Math word! :)

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Peruvian products: Quinoa, Causa Limeña, Pisco

I decided to write this post because I think it is fair to let know the world that quinoa, Causa Limeña and Pisco are Peruvians products.

We have done efforts to promote our products around the world through the valuable work of one of the authorities of the Peruvian food: Gaston Acurio.

Moreover, we presented our products (to mention the last event): Peru Meet & Greet 2015books, receiptscampaigns and we had gotten recognitions from World Food Programme.  

Besides that, during the last Expo Milan 2015 world food event, these Peruvian products were being marketed by another country as if their products.

Therefore, I am just clarifying this situation from my point of view… In someway I can share some varieties of products that are grown from seeds here and what we can provide.

In some manner, it pushed me up with the idea of organising the first edition of the GNOME America in Peru. This idea was in my mind years ago, but I did not dare to do it until I had the opportunity to talk with Max Chun-Hung Huang during the GNOME Asia. He encouraged me to do it!  It seems huge but not impossible, so one the challenge of the life might start now. 

Could Cuzco, one wonder of the world, be a good place to do it?


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Special GNOME PERU FEST 2015 video captures almost all the conferences we presented in this fifth edition. Thanks to Erick Cachay for this contribution that let us show all the work we did for spreading the GNOME word in Lima Peru.

While there are certainly general coordination-skilled and time management-demand, I must say that there is not only my volunteer job, there is more people behind the scenes. Thanks to many people who did the designer job, marketing job, Wi -Fi and internet connection tests, who attendees to meetings to set permissions and denies in companies, the pre – event, during the event and post- event support, even the carry-on packages job was so important! Thanks for their good attitude and extra effort they put in all the activities.

I was lucky to had grown up every year with this event, thanks to the GNOME Foundation, IBM, FEDORA, INFOPUCP-PUCP, Grupo LA REPUBLICA, Floreria La Bouquette, and all the institutions that helped me a lot! Many thanks to my IBM managers, PUCP authorities and recognition for Linux Peruvian masters: Felipe SolariRodolfo PimentelGenghis Rios and Flavio Contreras.

Please enjoy the video. Thanks again Erick! Great volunteer worker during and post- event :)


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Let’s contribute GNOME: Fixing bugs – session three

This time, we were only four: Mario, Fabian, Briggette and me. Mario was trying to install   jhbuild build gtk+ requieres packages like sysdeps, flex, anthy and many others. Briggette was trying to finish the Web basic site completing the BACK and FORWARD button, because Fabian showed us last time to set the GO button. Fabian was helped in the channel of IRC gnome developers as cfoch while I was trying to fix a bug… I was also trying to show Briggette how to connect to the IRC GNOME women channel. It was a shame that I had some problems with my laptop ( I am using a Fedora virtual machine but some plugins were missing)  so I could post my IRC experience later.


The complete procedure for fixing bugs (newbies style) is finally available :)

* I had one bug assigned: 685595

Following the tutorial: cloning is the first part, then get inside the directory to see the code

[yulytas@gnome gnome]$ git clone git://
[yulytas@gnome gnome]$ cd newcomers-tutorial/
[yulytas@gnome newcomers-tutorial]$ ls
 COPYING README gnome-image.png hello.js newcomers-tutorial.doap
[yulytas@gnome newcomers-tutorial]$ gjs hello.js
 bash: gjs: command not found

If you get the same message, just install gjs

[yulytas@gnome newcomers-tutorial]$dnf install gjs
 Reading package lists... Done
 Building dependency tree
 Reading state information... Done

Now it is time to run again the program and see what is the error message:

[yulytas@gnome newcomers-tutorial]$ gjs hello.js 

(gjs:4155): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: The property GtkImage:stock is deprecated and shouldn't be used anymore. It will be removed in a future version.

(gjs:4155): Gjs-WARNING **: JS ERROR: ReferenceError: application is not defined

The majority of cases the error message can give us a hint of how to solve them, so the error are related to the image, the WelcomeToTheGRid object and the quit action.

* This is the code with bugs on it:


const Gtk =;
const Lang = imports.lang;

const WelcomeToTheGrid = new Lang.Class({
    Name: 'Welcome to the Grid',

    // Create the application itself
    _init: function() {
        this.application = new Gtk.Application();

    // Connect 'activate' and 'startup' signals to the callback functions
    this.application.connect('activate', Lang.bind(this, this._onActivate));
    this.application.connect('startup', Lang.bind(this, this._onStartup));

    // Callback function for 'activate' signal presents windows when active
    _onActivate: function() {

    // Callback function for 'startup' signal builds the UI
    _onStartup: function() {
        this._buildUI ();

    // Build the application's UI
    _buildUI: function() {

        // Create the application window
        this._window = new Gtk.ApplicationWindow({
            application: this.application,
            window_position: Gtk.WindowPosition.CENTER,
            border_width: 10,
            title: "Welcome to JavaScript"});

        // Create the Grid
        this._grid = new Gtk.Grid ({ row_spacing: 20 });

        // Create an image
        this._image = new Gtk.Image ({ file: "gnome-image.jpg" });

        // Create a second image using a stock icon
        this._icon = new Gtk.Image ({ stock: 'gtk-about' });

        // Create a label
        this._label = new Gtk.Label ({ label: "Welcome to GNOME, too!" });

        // Create a button
        this._button = new Gtk.Button ({ label: ".. .and good-by" });
        this._button.connect ("clicked", Lang.bind(this, this._quit));

        // Attach the images and button to the grid
        this._grid.attach (this._image,   0, 0, 2, 1);
        this._grid.attach (this._icon,    0, 1, 1, 1);
        this._grid.attach (this._label,   1, 1, 1, 1);
        this._grid.attach (this._button,  0, 2, 2, 1);

        // Add the grid to the window
        this._window.add (this._grid);

        // Show the window and all child widgets

    _quit: function() {


// Run the application
let app = new WelcomeToTheGrid (); (ARGV);

Examining the current code, we see that the image is called with extension jpg and it was saved in the directory an image with the png extension. The other function to correct is quit, which is not specifying what application has to quit, and finally I edited the label .. . good -by to say …good-bye:


We can see what we corrected by using git diff

[yulytas@gnome newcomers-tutorial]$ git diff
diff --git a/hello.js b/hello.js
index 39fe8b9..d8a8b6a 100755
--- a/hello.js
+++ b/hello.js
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ const WelcomeToTheGrid = new Lang.Class({
 this._grid = new Gtk.Grid ({ row_spacing: 20 });
 // Create an image
- this._image = new Gtk.Image ({ file: "gnome-image.jpg" });
+ this._image = new Gtk.Image ({ file: "gnome-image.png" });
 // Create a second image using a stock icon
 this._icon = new Gtk.Image ({ stock: 'gtk-about' });
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ const WelcomeToTheGrid = new Lang.Class({
 this._label = new Gtk.Label ({ label: "Welcome to GNOME, too!" });
 // Create a button
- this._button = new Gtk.Button ({ label: ".. .and good-by" });
+ this._button = new Gtk.Button ({ label: "...and good-bye" });
 this._button.connect ("clicked", Lang.bind(this, this._quit));
 // Attach the images and button to the grid
@@ -64,8 +64,8 @@ const WelcomeToTheGrid = new Lang.Class({

Commit your changes with git commit and write the fixed changes on it:

[yulytas@gnome newcomers-tutorial]$ git commit --amend --signoff
[master fabd51a] Image extension corrected and button clicked action to quit is fixed.
 Date: Sun Jun 21 18:36:52 2015 -0500
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

As the newcomers-tutorial of GNOME indicated, create the patch which will be stored inside the home directory and them attach it to the bug.

[yulytas@gnome newcomers-tutorial]$ git format-patch --stdout HEAD~1 > ~/myPatch.patch

After creating the patch, click on Attachment to upload it in bugzilla:


Your patch is going to be evaluated for the Newcomers maintainers soon.

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Starting with Github

To start with github, you must create an account and then follow the steps on the official WebPage Please check if you have installed the git package on your laptop

empathy2As we have seen, we must install the package and then, set up our personal information:

$sudo dnf install git
$git config --global "YOUR NAME"
$git config -- global "YOUR MAIL"

Complete the name of the repository and the information related to it.        In my case I am setting as public, my first directory called my first_codes


Copy the link that github shows to clone in my terminal later:

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 8.39.28 PM

In this case I am creating a gnome directory and then doing the clone

[yulytas@gnome Documents]$ mkdir gnome
[yulytas@gnome Documents]$ cd gnome
[yulytas@gnome gnome]$ git clone
Cloning into 'first_codes'...
remote: Counting objects: 5, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (5/5), done.
remote: Total 5 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 0
Unpacking objects: 100% (5/5), done.
Checking connectivity... done.

Then, I have to get inside the directory where I am going to upload

[yulytas@gnome gnome]$ cd first_codes/

Copy the code from your local position to the new directory to publish

[yulytas@gnome first_codes]$ mv /home/yulytas/Documents/ .
[yulytas@gnome first_codes]$ ls LICENSE

Now it is time to do the git add, git commit and git push it :)

[yulytas@gnome first_codes]$ git add 
[yulytas@gnome first_codes]$ git commit -a -m "First code in GTK with Python"
[master 798a625] First code in GTK with Python
 1 file changed, 19 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644
[yulytas@gnome first_codes]$ git push origin master
Counting objects: 3, done.
Compressing objects: 100% (3/3), done.
Writing objects: 100% (3/3), 514 bytes | 0 bytes/s, done.
Total 3 (delta 1), reused 0 (delta 0)
 647f865..798a625 master -> master
[yulytas@gnome first_codes]$

Good luck!

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