First Round Talks of Fedora + GNOME at UPN

Today our local group has traveled many miles to the north of Lima to present our lately work by using Fedora and GNOME as users and developers. Thanks to the organizers of the IT Forum to invite us and support our job as Linux volunteers and very nice potential contributors to GNOME and Fedora and the group we have formed in Lima, Peru.I has started with what Linux is, who have created it, why do they created it, why it is important, what Fedora is, what GNOME is, how did I get involved in GNOME and Fedora, how anyone can be involved,  about the awesome GNOME and Fedora community

Then Solanch Ccasa, student System Engineering from UPIG, did share her experiences in the workshops she had helped me in the last year as well as her experiences in the GNOME Peru Challenge. Great job so far Solanch! 🙂Toto is another fantastic potential contributor to both projects is Toto. He is student of system Engineering from UNTELS and I trust him the general coordination of the GNOME Peru Challenge. Thank you Toto for all your effortFollowed by Toto, it was Leyla from UPN! Our outstanding designer and also python trained student in the GNOME Peru Challenge. She is System Engineering and she have organized many FLOSS events and she is so lovely! The hardworking Martin from UNMSM, was also there supporting us! He is an experiment developer and talent IT people, he is physics and also smart and funny person. Say hi to Martin Vuelta! 😉Alex from SENATI is another autodidact and inspired guy who is always helping us in this effort. He did a talk regarded on the terminal and commands that help developers in their daily 😀Felipe Moreno from UNI, a computer Science, is another very well skilled student that explain us GTK and his experiences with Go and IT related technologies with GNOME y Fedora. Grow up in FLOSS Felipe! 🙂Sheyla is also a student of mechatronic at UTP. She is a programmers and designer, she has been involved in the GNOME Peru Challenge lately and I hope she will fix a bug soon!Last but not least! Mario Antizana was showing his work with Mechatronics in UTP, and his experiences with KIA Motors and the Fedora project he has proposed and won! Awesome!The fee for the event had not charge, it was for free and we definitely prize our attendances

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 11.17.33 PM

Thanks to GOD first! for having the support of these talent and good people to build a Linux community that exert me to be a better leader and person for the sake of our group!Every experience we have as a group is a new satisfactory adventure, we enjoy this way… despite of ignorance, ridiculous and opposition! Thanks again guys! More pics as follow:Thanks again to the UPN (Private University of North) for everything!

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First Public Presentation of the Fedora + GNOME group

A group of students from different universities have gathered together to learn Linux in deeply. We have started with the GNOME Peru Challenge on Fedora 25, that basically consists in fixing a bug. To achieve that, we have follow an empiric schedule that includes, installation of Fedora 25, use GNOME apps such as Pomodoro, Clock, Maps, and others such as GIMP, building some modules, working with Python to finally see GTK+.

The effort of  more than five weeks is going to be presented for the very fist time as a group at UPN. The conference is called “I Forum of Entrepreneurship and Technologies“, the ad:A special thanks to Fabio Duran from GNOME Chile, who is constantly helping kindly this Peruvian group anytime. Usually documentation online is in English or out-dating and Fabio is able to get us a solid grasp of the GNOME tech. Thanks GNOME!We also thanks Fedora because they have supported two major events in Lima that contribute this group get stronger, Linux Playa and Install Fest. Thanks Fedora!* So far, we have scheduled the lighting talks in this order:

Julita Inca to present the projects and the labor to spread the word trough 7 years
Solanch Ccasas experiences in install Fedora 25 and communication channels
Leyla Marcelo with user experience Fedora + GNOME, GIMP, Libre office, gedit, nautilus
Alex and Toto Linux basic commands, install packages and network configuration, Wifi
Felipe Moreno will explain what GTK is and his work with Python
Mario Antizana with Mechatronics Engineering projects on Fedora

Can’t wait for our first presentation as a local group! 🙂

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Following a Python Tutorial – Part 1

One task of the #GNOMEPeruChallenge2017 consists in killing this book.  Then, my job practice so far:

1.- Printing strings, indentation, coding encoding and basic conditional

2.- Python Basic Operators and Numerical, defining values and types int, float3.- Basic String operations in one and more lines:4.- Joining and multiplying strings in one and more lines:

5.- Array manipulation:6.- Function len of an array and other operations. “Strings are inmutables”:7.- Arrays with numerals are mutable and manipulation of arrays of arrays”:8.- While loop statements, for loop and nested conditionals:9.- Range functions and for loops:10.- Combining for loop, if statements, and the continue function:

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Teaching Linux more than 1K students in 2017

Thanks to the Fedora and GNOME project, I was able to learn what Linux means, both, technically and philosophically. I was prepared for system administration by the Linux Foundation and throughout the years I got Linux experiences and dirty hands in companies such as GMD and IBM to finally get my Red Hat Certificate. Nowadays, thanks to BacktracAcademy I teach online for free, more than 841 students around the world!

I invited also my students of USIL and UNI to take the challenge and get a certification after accomplishing six basic topics: installation, file administration, users, Vim commands, processes, and services configuration. My first group at USIL as follow:
My student at UNI who took the challenge and was the first one to pass with a gold medal:

I dear to say that I have teach Linux more than 1K students since I had these groups 2017


Group 2017 – 0

Group 2017 – 1


Operating System 2017 -I

Computer Science 2017 -1

Some events:

SETEIS 2017 

Linux at PUCP 

Linux at USIL

GDG Cusco 2017Install Fest 2017 at UNI, thanks to the support of Toto, Solanch, Lizbeth, and Alex.FLISOL 2017 at UPN, organized by Leyla with the support of Toto, Solanch, Sheyla & Alex.Our local volunteer group on Sundays:I want to thanks the support I received from people, the experiences are unvaluable!

Thanks to my local community (Martin, Toto, Leyla, Sheyla, Solanch, Lizbeth, Mario, Alex, Geny, Sergio & Felipe), USIL, UNI, PUCP, UPN, UTP, UNTELS, GDG Cusco, BacktrackAcademy, GNOME and Fedora. ❤

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Running Your First Programs in C – Part 2

This post begins where Part 1 left off.  Common programs such as calculating area of basic forms and scan inputs to print a result are developed in this post.

1.1- Calculate the diameter, perimeter and the area of a circle in C as follow:

Screenshot from 2017-06-14 11-22-43

1.2.- To run it and testing with integers and float values:

Screenshot from 2017-06-14 11-32-38

2.1- Calculate the semiperimeter, area and validate if the values are sides of a triangle:2.2.- Running and testing the program with different values:

3.1.- Finding the midpoint of a limit line:3.2.- Running and testing the program with different values:4.1.- Calculating the hypotenuse of a right triangle 4.2.- Running and testing the program 5.1.- Calculating the trigonometric functions5.2.- Running and testing the program

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How is the GNOME Peru Challenge 2017 going on?

May 7, 2017. First Sunday of the month, a group of Peruvian students get started the GNOME Peru Challenge 2017-1 with goal setting in the semester: Fix a GNOME app bug.

* During our first session, we compelling some topics such as virtual installation, linux commands, working with GIT, installation of GNOME Builder and History of GNU/Linux.

Issues during installations F25 :kernel panic, black windows, No Wifi interface, etc…Issues GNOME Builder:flatpak installation, incompatibility packages js, git credencials

Managing GIT have more user issues than technicals: right paths, generating credentials

History GNU/Linux to value the other efforts in software development around the world

I didn’t realize that Empathy was unmaintained app Issue:FacebookChat isn’t recognized

* During the second session, tasks: GIMP, GPomodoro, Linux commands and Python.

This time we did not have a space at the university, we went to Toto’s house at VeS.

Some GIMP work of the guys using the GNOME thematic 

Linux commands have been learning as their own pace with BacktrackAcademy course 
First Python exercises and GNOME Pomodoro were also part of the challenge:

* During the thrid session, more exercises of python were expected to be accomplish as well as to be more familiar with polari and the app we are going to interact to fix a bug.

Again, we did not have a university to stay because on Sundays there are no personnel

This is the top list of our local community regarding the GNOMEPeruChallenge2017

Toto Cabezas (10 points + 3 mini challenge BTA) 

GNOME experience 2017Empathy, GIT, Linux commands, GNOME BuilderGIMP, GNOME Pomodoro, Python1, Python2, Polari.

Felipe Moreno (08 points)  

GNOME experience 2017Empathy, GIT, Linux commands, GNOME BuilderGIMP, GNOME Pomodoro, Polari.

Daniel Mena (08 points)  

GNOME experience 2017EmpathyLinux commands, GNOME BuilderGIMP, GNOME Pomodoro, Python1.

Sheyla Breña (05 points)  

GNOME experience 2017Empathy, GIT, Linux commands, GNOME Builder.

Wendy Caycho (05 points)

GNOME experience 2017Empathy, GIMP, Linux commandsPython.

Leyla Marcelo (04 points)

GNOME experience 2017Empathy, GIT, Linux commands.

Lizbeth Lucero (04 points)

GNOME experience 2017EmpathyLinux commands, GNOME Builder.

Solanch Cassas (03 points)  

GNOME experience 2017EmpathyLinux commands.

Special Thanks to Sergio Curay and Fabio Duran to support us technically during this challenge!  Another thanks to BackTrackAcademy that will price the top three efforts!

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Formatting a new extFAT USB on Fedora

I have a new 64GB USB and it was not show up at first time:

Thanks to this video I typed fdisk -l, then I was able to see 58.2 GB

After trying to install the exfat package with dnf -y install fuse-exfat, I failed

What I did after many failings was, setting the partition using the GUI:

Then you can see the new format as Ext4:

It is OK to have a little FreeSpace with no extension. It is time to write into the USB:

Now we can see the USB device in the list of devices 😀

Screenshot from 2017-05-24 13:33:06

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