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9th OPW Report: Common Problems of Cheese- Part Two

* To complete the documentation of Cheese, it was necessary to write about the crashes that Cheese can have in this new version: 3.0.2. I must confess these are very hard topics to write: Because this is a new version, … Continue reading

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8th Report OPW: The common problems of Cheese

Before all else, I want to share two more pieces of advice I learned during my git and mallard experiences: 1. If you have many files inside any other, for example files with png extensions into a ‘effects’ file, add tree … Continue reading

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Little tips of GIMP

1. Cómo hacer transparencias? Click derecho en la zona que se desea la transparencia, elegir Layer > Transparency > Add Alpha channel Del menu Select, elegir ByColor, hacer click en la parte de la imagen q quiero q sea transparente. … Continue reading

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The Seventh Report: Polishing up the Cheese documentation

Hi, this time I want to share the last things I did to polish up my Cheese doc for pending items and (I hope) success the formal review. Review comments: First, I corrected some things that Phil, my mentor, suggested: … Continue reading

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Sixth Report: Finishing the Cheese doc

This time not only new generated files are created to the Cheese documentation… I also want to get a well integrated system of the writing 🙂 [yulys@yulys cheese-docs]$ git branch * master [yulys@yulys cheese-docs]$ yelp-new task introduction “Introduction” [yulys@yulys cheese-docs]$ … Continue reading

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Es muy fácil unirse a Google+ aparecerán tus contactos de gmail en la parte central derecha, donde indica ‘Sugerencias’, para poder colocarlos en tus círculos de amigos, familia, conocidos o seguidores, también te da la opción de crear tu … Continue reading

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Descarga xD

Ayer posteé uno de mis últimos reportes para Gnome y bueeeenooooo, no es vanagloria pero al menos recibo uno que otro comentario (sea bueno o malo pero al fin lo es)… pero ahora no tengo ni uno, bu… además que … Continue reading

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