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Santa Rosa de Lima

Hoy desperté muy temprano, a pesar que estuve enferma me fui a la casa de Santa Rosita de Lima. Es la patrona de America, una santa… y a pesar de que muchos de los jóvenes hoy en día se burlan … Continue reading

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After my GNOME presentation

I gave the talk today, it was the first time I do this for almost two hours at night. I am very happy because even I do not have too much audience, I captured all the souls to do coding … Continue reading

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My on line GNOME presentation

Hi Planet! I want to share my online GNOME presentation… maybe you have some suggestions to make it better… any observation is welcome! I have to give a talk tomorrow at PUCP, B101 at 8:00 pm. for about two hours!!… … Continue reading

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Primeras lecciones aprendidas de una Linux Administrator

En un trabajo siempre utilizarán tanto servidores Windows y Servidores Linux… tuve que compartir un archivo entre un servidor Windows y un servidor Linux que no tenía salida a internet, para ello utilicé una herramienta libre denominada WinSCP. Tuve otro … Continue reading

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GNOME 3.x is going to be presented in Infosoft2012

Hi!… I am glad to share this with the GNOME Planet and the rest of the world. I am kind of busy after my first week of Linux job… hrmm hrmmm yes! I have a Linux job in my country! … Continue reading

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Free RAR version over Red Hat 5.5

I started this little story by asking to the GNOME Planet about my RAR question: ______________________________________________________________________________ Hi GNOME Planet, I am looking for the free version of RAR or any free software alternative that can be installed over the Release … Continue reading

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My GUADEC 2012 Experience

This year I met new GNOME people from Spain, Macedonia, France, Germany, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Israel, India and the United Kingdom… hmmm sorry If I missed some countries, but I believe humans are humans and GNOME geeky people are … Continue reading

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