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Creando tablas en Mysql

Tengo que crear tablas e insertar data en las tablas de mi pequeña farmacia:                 julita@yulys:~$ mysql -u root -p Enter password: Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g. … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2012 GNOME!!

I just wanted to express my gratitude with GNOME… I  made a little GNOME girls Christmass tree and I want to thank all the support I received from all the guys I met this year! I know this like I found in the OMG Ubuntu … Continue reading

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GNOME Girls Christmas Tree

This year: 2011 I have the opportunity to meet incredible girls trough GNOME. GNOME is an international organization who lets many people around the world work for one objective: Offer an amazing desktop user interface by creating applications that anyone can … Continue reading

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Mi draft de la documentación para Disk Usage Analyzer

Este memorable post es sólo para recordar que pasos seguí para poder subir la documentación a git, y por supuesto es SOLO PARA MÍ! ;D julita@yulys:~/GNOME/baobab/help$ cd C julita@yulys:~/GNOME/baobab/help/C$ git branch * mallard-documentation master julita@yulys:~/GNOME/baobab/help/C$ yelp-new task index “Disk … Continue reading

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User Disk Analyzer in advanced

I catch up on my writings for GNOME after a couple of months, and I surprisingly realized that I forget some details that are important to make my job fluently.  A parallel story: I’ve formatted my lap, so I had to install … Continue reading

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Mis primeras lecciones de Python

Este sabado 17 de Dic, asisiti al python Camp y tal cual indica la pagina realice los comandos para crear el entorno visual; luego, dentro de la carpeta pycamp se instalara shake: julita@yulys:~$ virtualenv –no-site-packages –distribute pycamp The –no-site-packages flag is deprecated; … Continue reading

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Connecting to IRC with Empathy (UBUNTU)

A lot of people in GNOME use a dedicated IRC application called XChat, but that Empathy lets you connect to IRC too! So I can show you how to do that in a few minutes ;D Empathy is an application … Continue reading

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