Building an application on MOOSE

Yesterday, I attended to the workshop of MOOSE held by members of the Idaho National Laboratory. There were two days, where they showcased around 11 exercises of MOOSE. One of them was the hands-ons by Andrew Slaughter, and I want to share that experience.

First of all, we can clone the repository to see the structure of the folders of a MOOSE app.

git clone

Inside the application which in this case is called MurderHornet, we are going to build it in parallel to finally run the tests previously set. We have to see a message PASS for this test.

cd MurderHornet/
make -j 4

Now, it is time to run the input file with the executable developed by Andrew inside the kernel folder. Usually, the input is located inside the problem folder.

../murder_hornet-opt -i laplace_young.i

Lastly, we can view the simulation using peacock by executing the following command:

~/projects/moose/python/peacock/peacock -r laplace_young_out.e

Thanks so much to Jason Miller and to  Alex Angelou for the help with MOOSE 🙂


About Julita Inca

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