Closing the GNOME Peru Challenge 2017

It’s been three months since a group of students from different universities decided to learn more about GNU/Linux in a local community. This idea started while LinuXatUNI had been organized and powered by Fedora and the GNOME project.

Thanks to the financial support of GNOME, we were able to celebrated a Breakfast and a little Parade.  We had newbies and people who were interested in become part of Fedora and the GNOME a year ago.  Here you can see our initial students:After this experience, we set a plan registered in the wiki. We officially started on May, 7th.

Today July 16th, as the wiki pointed out, it was our last meeting as a group to fix a bug.Voluntarialy, during this period, all our Sundays  were reserved to accomplish that goal. Throughout this challenge, minitasks were set to be also done, as well as presentations in events to promote the use of GNU/Linux with Fedora and the GNOME, such as FLISOL Lima:Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.59.49 AM.pngTalk at UPN tech conference:Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 1.05.13 AMPresentation to the CFD OpenSource community at PUCP:Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 3.46.25 AMTraining in Linux to THE MARINA OF WAR OF PERU:Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.43.04 AM

  • At the end, this was the chart of activities versus persons:Toto and Solanch were the winners of this first GNOME Peru Challenge 2017 😀 

Thanks to BacktrackAcademy to prize them with a Membership for a year! 

Besides their effort, they are great people with good willing, and I hope they continue learning GNU/Linux from their own!

I think we need to be improved in many things. One of them is related to a place, we did not have a specific place, we did the workshops on Sundays because we work and study besides this challenge and unfortunately, universities are not open on Sundays usually and we had our meetings sometimes at Toto’s house, Randy or Mario’ house rather to have a lab every Sunday.  Another one, could be related a syllabus, as I presented, we did not have more chance to learn in deep Java Script, Vala, GTK, glib and more GNOME technologies. Special thanks also to Carlos Soriano who helped us once in this labor.Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 1.17.17 AM.pngAnyway, this training was a great opportunity to build and get a stronger GNU/Linux community in Lima, Peru. Thanks so much to each participant of this challenge! 🙂

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Fedora and GNOME at the Marine

Our local Linux community “LinuXatUNI = Fedora + GNOME”  have received an invitation to do a talk regarding Linux security at the “THE MARINA OF WAR OF PERU”.
I have started by doing some review of Linux History and check some basic commands on terminal to finally explain ACLs.People in the audience that respond satisfactory questions received some merchadising of Fedora and GNOME! Then, Randy Real showed how to explore ports and explaining the importance of the history of commands, useful to audit tools and applications. Felipe Moreno explained SQL injection, configuring it both, manually and automatically. Solanch Ccasa was in charge of SQUID, basic configuration and features.Ronaldo Cabezas (Toto) did also some material for iptables; but incredibly, time was gone since it was three hours in a raw. We appreciate the invitation we have that exert our community in training people into the Linux world beyond universities. We are now in organizations sharing knowledge voluntarily to do a better society that use Linux!… Some pictures that shows our exceptional experience! Thanks so much again Peruvian Navy 🙂

Thanks so much again Peruvian Navy 🙂

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Getting Fedora 26

I did have Fedora 25 and by using terminal I did the upgrade to my system to have Fedora 26 on it! 😀My experience was based on the recommendations of the Fedora Magazine  that includes a plugin while upgrading:We are now ready to get F26! Lucky me, I did not use the –allowerasing flag 😉Finally a reboot is in the view!The reboot take a long time (approximately an hour), but it worth to see the new lightning interface. My overnight face on Cheese to check that my doc is still there. It is priceless, thanks so much GNOME again! ❤😀

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CDF Open Source asked for Fedora + GNOME

We have visited PUCP university, where a new scientific group called CDF Open Source have meetings on Saturday afternoons.  They previously contacted me, because they argued that they work with Ubuntu and some scientific applications do not work at all.

This time we only have 5 people in the audience 😦  Maybe I did wrong in propose topics not interested for the CFD community, I would have presented a versus Ubuntu – Fedora performance (benchmarking in Scientific apps).  Anyway, this was the ad:

As usual, I started with a presentation of what Fedora is as a project, and as a community:

The same was presented for GNOME, because our attendances use Unity with Ubuntu. Then, we did made them to install Fedora with GNOME on their laptops:Trivias were also part of my presentation to prize people. The face when Fedora runs OK:It was a great experience after all. I must thank again the all the volunteers students that conform the local community Linux at UNI. I appreciate their time and effort. Thanks! 

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Following a Python Tutorial – Part 3

This resolution post begins where Python Tutorial – Part2 left off.

Documentation string multi-lineAnnotation that show the type of the function and its parameters:ListsLists as stackUsing collections as list to access extremes, popleft example:List comprehensionsNested List comprehensionsDel instruction for listsTuples and secuencesThe inverse operation is also possible and it is recognized as unpack sequences

x, y, z = t
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Following a Python Tutorial – Part 2

This resolution post begins where Python Tutorial – Part1 left off.

PASS sentence:Fibonacci functions:Testing a valid confirmation to exit The environment of definition of the variable just before to write a function:Validating lists with the append function which adds values to the list:A function with many parameters. It is tested some calls to the function parrot:It is clear that we must call the function with the parameters correctly (once):Integrated type are also part of the parameters in a function:Finally for this part, working on lists with arbitrary arguments:Dictionaries can deliver arguments named with the operator **:Lamba expressions

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Clone and run a GNOME Project with Flatpak-Builder on F25

Today we have a very productive online meeting with @csoriano and @tmendes, these two guys from Brasil and Spain, helped me because I have cloned Polari with Flatpak – Builder on Fedora 25, but it did not run it at all, when I clicked on the PLAY or RUN button.First of all, I must highlight that everything is well-explained, step by step on the Newcomers wiki.

This journey started by showing to Carlos my “not running Polari” screenshot, even I had the SUCCESS label on Builder, it did not release Polari on flatpak:So I had to remove my project cloned and the cache of Builder with

rm -rf Projects/
rm -rf ~/.var/app/org.gnome.Builder/cache/
  • Then, we did follow correctly the guide

1.- Download the Flatpak (it takes 2 or 3 minutes)2.- Choose a project, Flatpak on Builder only builds the apps that are listed so far: Polari (JS and C), Games(Vala), Maps(JS), Music(Python) and Todo(C), and check what link contains the code of the program. E.g. for Polari as follow3.- Click on CLONE and paste the link of the code of the project you have chosen to debug. This process might take another 9 or 12 minutes.4.- Running the project (2 to 4 minutes) when it is called to run for the very first time, it might take a while compiling…5.- Try to modified the code and run your changes, in this case I will edit the “About” label and put this one: “AboutGNOMEPeruChallenge” 😀Some considerations that I learnt from today:

1.- Be sure that you are using the Builder version with GNOME 3.242.- Even if you are using ArchLinux, Fedora or another distro, just download the Flatpak from the Newcomers wiki and not from other sources that might not be updated. I have followed the steps from the Fedora wiki

This is the proof that I had to uninstall the Builder from Fedora and install the code from the source.3.- If you are trying to do compilations and building manually on terminal, it will be more difficult to do the changes to the code and test them while you are trying to fix a bug.

From our local group, I must congratulate the labor of @toto who did clone gnome-music, @alexandros and @varian for polari. Here, their successful work so far! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 2.13.40 PM

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