2017: My FLOSS​ Year in Review

Last 2017 year, I had the eventful year in favor of the Free Software.

Thanks to the Fedora Project, GNOME, BacktrackAcademy and the Linux Foundation, I was able to organize FLOSS events mostly in Lima, Peru. Besides that, I did a voluntary work as speaker in FLOSS workshops and IT conference in other parts of the world, being interviewed to reach more newcomers into the challenging Linux world, and do online training. Now I present a list that includes my FLOSS activities chronologically:

  • January 0th, I did a talk for SETEIS, a conference held in UNTELS.



  • On March 4th, the biggest summer event I did ever: LINUX PLAYA!

  • On March 8th (International Day of Women) I was interviewed by DevAcademy

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 12.26.18 PM

  • On April 4th, an online Linux basic administration training on Fedora was released

  • On April 22nd, Fedora workshop basic administration was presented at FLISOL

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 6.12.58 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 5.40.51 PM

  • On June 24th, Fedora and GNOME presented by LinuXatUNI at UPN in an IT forum.

  • On July 11st, the scientific group CDF Open Source asked for Fedora at PUCP

  • On July 16th, we celebrated the GNOME Peru Challenge closed event.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 9.38.39 PM

  • th, in Manchester UK I did a talk of reaching newcomers in Peru


  • On August 20th, Fedora workshop was held at CONECIT 2017 at Tingo Maria, Peru


  • On September 26th, a workshop of Fedora 26 was held at PUCP for INFOSOFT.

Image may contain: 11 people, people smiling

  • On November 11st, I organized a placement exam to participate in a new initiative

What are my Linux Resolutions for 2018??… Make a guess!!! … well, it is to continue with the FLOSS World everywhere 🙂

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LinuXatUNI held last meeting of the year

The local Linux community in Lima, Peru held the last meeting today sharing a breakfast. Peruvians usually take “chocolatada” (made with chocolate and milk) with paneton for Christmass holidays, and we are not the exception. Thanks to the LinuxFoundation we have new jackets, scarves, and vest branded with the LinuxFoundation logo.

After having our breakfast, instead of hacking, we interacted through a workgroup “Linux” dynamics to strengthen the relationship among the participants. They are students from different universities: PUCP, UNMSM, UNI, UTP and UNAC in the picture! 🙂

The games table were followed by a physical contact and coordination as a group. We needed a big space to support the game, so we did not have other choices than the street 

Thanks so much to all the students that have participated as LinuXatUNI during this year, and in previous rounds. Special thanks to students from UNMSM: Martin Vuelta and Fiorella Effio for their support during this year as well as Toto, Solanch and Leyla Marcelo for her work as a designer. Other thanks to PUCP students which have been helping us for four years in a raw: Giohanny Falla and Fabian Orccon 😀 I am extremely grateful for the support of the Linux Foundation, GNOME, Fedora, BacktrackAcademy and LinuXatUNI work members for outreaching Linux newcomers.

 You can see more pictures here!
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#PeruRumboGSoC2018 – Session 6

Last Sunday we have celebrated the last session for the #PeruRumboGSoC2018 at CTIC UNI. It was time to know who were the winners for this program after running 8 sessions!

Congratulations to the top two students of the program that not only accomplish all the technical documentation of each session, they also attended all the sessions programmed in time!  Good job Cristian Sotomayor from UNTELS and Fiorella Effio from UNMSM 🙂

It usually happens that you remember as flashbacks how everything started when you are about to complete an experience such as this short-term program #PeruRumboGSoC2018. In brief, we started with a placement exam to gather students with Linux-programming and english skills. Then the first session happened with 7 guys from UNI, one women student from UNMSM, another women student from PUCP, one student from UNTELS and two support guys from the LinuXatUNI community. It was a harsh time because at the  end of semester our students had to cope with quizzes, exams and projects besides this challenge. Until the end only three students delivered all the posts requiered to deserve the prizes of the Linux Foundation. Thanks again to Fedora and GNOME for investing in the education of our students in Lima, Peru!  You can see in detail S1, S2, S3, S3x, S4, and S5.

For the last session we have been trained by Martin with Fedora Integration with Circle CI and TravisCI. To test the integration, we created an alternative branch and a index.html.

We shared a lunch sponsored by Fedora. We ate Pollo a la Brasa, a grasy and tasty chicken.

Gerson Garrido was in charge of the afternoon experience and he coded a Language Selector mini application using GTK with JavaScriptThis is the chart that validates our work documented of our sessions as it was planned.It was awesome to have the winners of GNOMEPeruChallenge together with the winners of the PeruRumboGSoC2018 program! Thank you so much guys!  

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#PeruRumboGSoC2018 – Session 5

Today we have celebrated another session for the #PeruRumboGSoC2018 program at CCPP UNI. It was one of the longest sessions we have experienced.

We were able to cope with different packages and versions to work with WebKit and GTK on Fedora 26 (one of the students have a 32 bit arch), and on Fedora 27One of the accomplishes today was coding a Language Selector using GtkListBox and GtkLinkButton with GTK and Python, here in detail.

Newcomers bug list on gitlab was also checked today, specially of the applications gnome-todo and gnome-music. As well Fedora Docs Dev,system-config-language and the implementation of Elastic Search were evaluated and discussed as possible GSoC 2018 proposals for Fedora. Thanks @zodiacfireworkThis is the final chart of the effort of the participants. In this picture we have Cristian (18) as @pystudent1913 and Fiorella (21) as @aweba. They are the top two! 🙂We have shared a lunch and some food at the afternoon. Thanks again to our sponsors: GNOME, Fedora & Linux Foundation for the support of this challenge!gogogo PeruRumboGSoC2018!

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#PeruRumboGSoC2018 – Session 4

We celebrated yesterday another session of the local challenge 2017-2 “PeruRumboGSoC2018”. It was held at the Centro Cultural Pedro Paulet of FIEE UNI.  GTK on C was explained during the fisrt two hours of the morning based on the window* exercises from my repo to handle some widgets such as windows, label and buttons.Before he scheduled lunch, we were able to program a Language Selector using grid with GTK on C. These are some of the students git: Fiorella, Cris, Alex, Johan Diego & GiohannyWe’ve shared a deliciuos Pollo a la Brasa, and a tasty Inca Cola to drink during our lunch.

Martin Vuelta helped us to make our miniapplication works by clicking a single or multiple languages in our language selector to open a useful links to learn those programming languages. We needed to install webkit4 packages on Fedora 27.Thank you so much Martin for supporting the group with your expertise and good sense of humor! We are going to have three more sessions this week to finish the program.

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Linux on Supercomputers

Today, I did a presentation about Linux on Supercomputers at the Faculty of  Industrial of UNMSM for its annivrsary. It was published the event in the Intranet of the School.

I started by presenting the project of Satoshi Sekiguchi from Japan, who is in charge of ABCI, a supercomputer that pretends to be the top1 in the list of supercomputers around the world. This project is expected to be done in April 18 to help simulations of earthquakes with 130 petaflops of speed in calculations. The top 5 of top500 list:The way supercomputers were measured with the Linpack tool and why Linux have been used in the most powerful supercomputers were also explained. History of supercomputers and techonology relate to were topics during the talk. I have also emphasized the importance of gathering a multidisciplinary group in a supercomputer project or in other parallelized computer architecture.

Thanks to the organizers for contacting to do this rewarding talk. Linux is important for scientific purposes as well as for education in Peru and around the world. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 9.50.49 PM

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Extraordinary Session 3.x for the #PeruRumboGSoC2018

Yesterday, the students took the Sunday off to catch up over the 9 posts I have asked to complete the students as a result of the three session received so far.

Only two students came to the university and some of them did a remotely job from their home. In the picture below met pystudent1913 in the right, and carlosal1015:





I feel so proud of Cristian Sotomayor, 18, from UNTELS who had the lowest score on the first test and now he is top in the list of the #PeruRumboGSoC program.

Remember that the first test was based on Linux and C, Java Script and Python questions. Everyone can see the work of our students in the wiki.

Thanks again to GNOME, Fedora and the Linux Foundation for supporting this endeavour. Now more students are aware about Linux in Lima (Linux is not taught in universities as a regular course in Peru), and we are addressing the students efforts to solve bugs to be considered in the next round of GSoC.

gogogo #PeruRumboGSoC2018

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