ISC 2016 in My Eyes

During the last week I have participated at the ISC 2016 Conference at Frankfurt, Germany. It has been the most well known HPC event in the world wide for the last five years. From my point of view, it was more than a successful event and it exceed all my expectations.

First of all, more than 3000 attendances gathered to the venue between June 19th and June 23th, and it was not all about quantity; it was definitely about quality too. ISC 2016 congregated TopHPC people from the academia and industry. It was a great opportunity to promote, and maximize potential of HPC projects. The participants presented their HPC efforts, learnt from others, proposed new ones, shared expertise, exchange IT practices and developed new ideas towards the Exascale computing.

Secondly, it was very challenging being surrounded by remarkable people from TOP500 supercomputers, professors and PhD students from prestigious universities such as Stanford, Indiana, Illinois, Southampton and Edinburgh among others, and brilliant researchers from outstanding institutions and centers like NARL, Baidu, PRACE and several HPC specialists from Top IT companies such as Intel, DELL, NVIDIA, Oracle, SAMSUNG, BULL, CRAY, IBM and many more.

Finally, the elegance, efficiency and all the details, even the tiniest ones, were handled with a lot of care. They accomplished all the timing planned, and the passion of the organizers was reflected from the moment the guests arrived to the FestHalle/Messe station. Flags and correct signs were fantastic indicators to reach the place, followed by the people of who were in charge of the registration desk and all ISC 2016 resources in total. I have extremely high recommendation for this event. From my own experience, I would invite you to see my agenda in pictures. Hope you like them.

1. Tutorials:

I chose the Tutorial 05: A Beginner’s Guide to SuperComputing with the Professor Thomas Sterling from Indiana University, who narrowed HPC-BigData definitions from simplest to most complex. I admired his way to teach, so empathetic, engaged and joyful.


At the end of the session, Matthew Anderson allowed us to enter to the bigred2 supercomputer and the application of benchmark with hpl-2.1, hpcg-3.0 and GRAPH500.

Screenshot from 2016-06-19 10-31-25Screenshot from 2016-06-19 10-42-33

2. Conferences:

2.1. Keynotes

Distinguished Speakers: Dr. Andrew Ng, DR. Jacqueline H. Chen & Dr. Thomas Sterling.


2.2. PhD Forum

Tenacious PhD students: Moritz Kreutzer from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Huan Zhou from High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart and Juri Schmidt from University of Heidelberg.


2.3. Awards

Honor for Research HPC papers, Student Cluster Competition and TOP500 recognition.


2.4. High Level Talks

Eminent representation from renowned institutions such as GRAY, PRACE, and NASA.


3. Workshop:

3.1. Addressing the gender gap in HPC

Toni Collis and Lorna Rivera from WHPC in ISC16.


3.2. Panel Session

Kimberley McMahon was in charge of the questions  to the panel session.


3.3. Poster Presenter

Mihaela Apetroaie-Cristea, Larisa Stoltzfus and me presented our work to the audience.


3.4. My talk

I presented my job so far in the HPC world and I also mentioned the work as a volunteer of the HPC-BigData group at the CTIC – UNI in Lima, Peru. Thanks for videos InsideHPC !


4. Exhibition:

Well-known HPC-related companies presented their products:Intel, Samsung, IBM (Watson)


5. Other considerations:

 5.1. Location

In the center of Frankfurt, some blocks from FestHalle/Messe


5.2. Spots

Strategies spots along the building were appropriate located, as well as electronic panels, flags in front of the venue and many others useful materials.


5.3. Catering

Breakfast, lunch & dinner was selected carefully for all the rigorous taste and vegetarians


5.4. Interaction events

Welcome Party, Women Lunch thanks to Intel and Happy Hour from 6 to 7 pm in pictures


6. Special Thanks:

Toni, Rebecca and all the women from WHPC, all the members of CTIC – UNI Peru, ISC People (Mihaela, Nages & volunteers) & GNOME friends to support my professional growth



About Julita Inca

System Engineering degree at UNAC, Computer Science Masters at PUCP, High Performance Masters at University of Edinburgh, Winner OPW GNOME 2011, GNOME Foundation member since 2012, Fedora Ambassador since 2012, winner of the Linux Foundation scholarship 2012, Linux Admin at GMD 2012, IT Specialist at IBM 2013. Academia experience in lecturing at PUCP, USIL and UNI Peru (2010-2018). HPC intern at ORNL 2018. HPC Software Specialist at UKAEA since 2020. Tech Certifications: RHCE, RHCSA, AIX 6.1, AIX 7 Administrator, and ITILv3. Leader of LinuXatUNI Community, Creator of the "Mujeres Imperfectas | I'm perfect woman" channel, Reviewer of the Technological Magazine of ESPOL-RTE, Online trainer at BackTrackAcademy, blogger, photographer, IT-Linux-HPC-science worldwide speaker, graphic designer, researcher, content creator, press communicator... a simple mortal, just like you!
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    ¿Hola. Buen día. En dónde podría descargar una copia de su poster de hadoop + raspberry?

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