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ohh GUADEC, look what you’ve done! (8)

After arriving to Lima I shared with family, friends, students and IBM partners what I lived and learned from the @guadec in Brno, Czech Republic. It was so great to see the joyness in their faces when they received the … Continue reading

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Documenting devel-docs at GUADEC 2013

After chatting with Federico Mena and listening to his encourage words, I decided to start with developer documentation. I have this time a new friend that helped me to remember Git and Mallard stuffs. Her name of the lovely Indian … Continue reading

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GUADEC 2013 at Brno so far

After 28 hours of traveling and getting my room on August 1st, I was ready to celebrate the GUADEC2013 at 7:00 a.m. It was glad to see many familiar faces this year, people who still do contributions in order to … Continue reading

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Using git to sign-off a patch

I wrote documentation about Cheese, an application of GNOME, more than a year ago and I was notified this year to sign off a patch which adds a license for the new release. The notification comes from the Bugzilla Page … Continue reading

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