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Mujeres programando el ENIAC

Lo máximo! estaba googleando para saber más de la historia de la BINAC, UNIVAC, ENIAC etc etc y los primeros lenguajes de programación y encontré estas pics que quiero compartir 🙂 Fuentes:,r:2,s:0&biw=1366&bih=633

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My third report OPW: First draft of Cheese with pic effects

I was trying Cheese during this week and as you see in one of my last post I was struggling to find the right package that lets Cheese work without problems in my Fedora 15 64 bits… well, after those pebbles … Continue reading

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Oración por el mes de San Pablo

Apóstol San Pablo, que con tu doctrina y tu amor has evangelizado al mundo entero, mira con bondad a tus hijos y discípulos. Todo lo esperamos de tu intersecesión ante el Divino Maestro y ante María, Reina de los Apóstoles. … Continue reading

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My second report OPW: Structuring and installing Cheese

Here is basically my schema of the Cheese documentation: In More Options, I was thinking to write about: – Set a layout – Image Properties – Sutter And here where I need some appreciations: Common Problems: -> What are the … Continue reading

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Almost ready in Fedora 15

I was trying to install all the package that I need to start to work… I did successfully install java and its Netbeans IDE 6.9.3 doing: [yulys@yulys ~]$ cd /usr/bin [yulys@yulys bin]$ ls java* java java2html javac javadoc javah javap … Continue reading

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First report – Gnome Women Outreach Program 2011

Thanks Gnome Foundation, Shaun McCance and Marina Zhurakhinskaya to give me the opportunity to have a good start in the program!. As part of rhe Gnome Documentation team, I attended an Open Help Conference where I met and interacted with experts in the … Continue reading

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