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Aprendiendo Latex

Últimamente he estado revisando algunos papers para poder documentar mi tesis de Maestría y he visto que la mayoría de los documentos han sido elaborados con Latex. Instalarlo tomó como 7 minutos aprox. sólo hacer click en Add/Remove Software y … Continue reading

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“Advancing the Disk Usage Analyzer help”

Hi, I will show how does the writing of the Disk Usage Analyzer look like these days: I learned this time from Ekaterina: * I could use the <gui>something</gui> inside links, titles and other structures in Mallard. * Sentences should … Continue reading

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Starting Disk Usage Analyzer Help

* I started filing the bug to let the maintainers of the core know what is going on. * Then I cloned the gnome-utils from  [yulys@yulys ~]$ git clone ssh:// Cloning into gnome-utils… remote: Counting objects: 59085, done. remote: … Continue reading

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