GNOME Release Party – Lima, Peru

Yesterday, we have celebrated the GNOME Release Party 3.24.1 by sharing a breakfast at Real Plaza – Centro Cívico. We were in total 18 people who knows GNOME by own experiences and previous talks I did in different universities located in Lima, Peru.

We have the honour to count with Jose and Fabian who have a strong knowledge of GNOME. Jose Quiñones (graduated from UNI) who have shared his user experience since 2003 with GNOME 1.x, and Fabian Orccon (PUCP) have shared his developer experience with GNOME since he was 14.

During this celebration I felt myself closer to all the attendances, among newcomers, GNOME lovers and a local group that is finally engaged with GNOME Peru. Before the kickoff, I spoke up about the sacrifice that this new initiative involves, then I asked to each one about their expectations and we set up a chart to contribute with the GNOME project in a long term.

This is our chart and if it is needed to be improved or you think something is missing please let us know about it

Our impressions stated in a chart and commitments :

I feel more confident now since I have the support of this local group conformed by Martin Vuelta (UNMSM), who has more than five years of hacking in a wide range of programming languages, Sheyla Breña (UTP), who was one of the winners of Laboratoria 2016. Raul Mucha (UPN), who is preparing himself to do a sysadmin and follow his studies in Brasil, Toto (UNTELS), who is a leader in his university and programmer in a community, Solanch and Lizbeth (UPIG) who are also IT leaders in the university, they usually participate and help in all the events I am involved. Mario (UTP), who had participated in a Robotic winner project in 2016. He is planning to run new projects using Fedora technologies by programming. Leyla (UPN), she is involve in designing for our events for several months, and Alexander (SENATI) who is an entrepreneur and helpful Linux lover that wants to improve his programming skills and be a future GSoC Peru 2017.

After sharing a good GNOME time we tried to do a little parade and picnic…

Some people on streets (a mother of family and a vendor) dared to ask what GNOME is 🙂

About Julita Inca

Ingeniero de Sistemas UNAC, Magíster en Ciencias de la Computación PUCP, Magíster en Computación de Alto Rendimiento de la Universidad de Edimburgo, OPW GNOME 2011, Miembro de la GNOME Foundation desde el 2012, Embajadora Fedora Perú desde el 2012, ganadora del scholarship of the Linux Foundation 2012, experiencia como Admin Linux en GMD y Especialista IT en IBM, con certificaciones RHCE, RHCSA, AIX 6.1, AIX 7 Administrator e ITILv3. Experiencia académica en universidades como PUCP, USIL y UNI. Leader of LinuXatUNI Community, HPC Software Specialist at UKAEA, and reviewer of the Technological Magazine of ESPOL-RTE, and volunteering Linux training for MINSA Peru... a simple mortal, just like you!
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9 Responses to GNOME Release Party – Lima, Peru

  1. Great to see that you managed to get a group of people motivated and that you have a well defined plan. Some feedback about the plan:

    * What do you use Trello for? You may be able to find a free software alternative.
    * Why do you need Sublime if you already have Builder? And if for some reason you don’t want to use Builder but just a text editor, why not use gedit which is the GNOME text editor?
    * I suggest having a look at newcomer bugs earlier than at the very end, even if it’s only a quick first look. That will give you an idea of what to expect and a direction.

    Looking forward to more blog posts about this initiative!

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