Preparing my Chikiticluster in Frankfurt to my presentation

I am excited that I will give a poster presentation about my experiences with HPC at #ISC16 I was selected to do it as part of the Women HPC 🙂


Setup the SD Master Card:

First I downloaded again the jessie iso from the Raspbian page 2016-05-27 and then copy the image to the SD 32 GB card

Before inserting the SD on your laptop, run df -h, then insert the card and check how is the device called, in this case we have: /dev/mmcblk0p1

Screenshot from 2016-06-21 03-32-11

Now you can umount the file, please notice the number 1 only refers to partition 1, then we can run umount /dev/mmcblk0*

Find the path where you Downloaded the image and then, unzip it by doing unzip [] -d [path_to_unzip] and then make sure you are allowd to run the following command:

dd bs=4M if=2016-05-27-raspbian-jessie.img of=/dev/mmcblk0
958+1 records in
958+1 records out
4019191808 bytes (4.0 GB) copied, 425.597 s, 9.4 MB/s
  • It takes considerable minutes, so you must wait and be patient 🙂

Edit the config.txt as follows:

Screenshot from 2016-06-21 08-15-22

… Then, the configuration of the Raspberry PI follows as I wrote in my previous post.

I do not want to miss the opportunity to give a special Thanks to GNOME friends: Tobi and Moira for the excellent hospitality I received, for the moral and material support they gave me to achieve my dreams :3


About Julita Inca

System Engineering degree at UNAC, Computer Science Masters at PUCP, High Performance Masters at University of Edinburgh, Winner OPW GNOME 2011, GNOME Foundation member since 2012, Fedora Ambassador since 2012, winner of the Linux Foundation scholarship 2012, Linux Admin at GMD 2012, IT Specialist at IBM 2013. Academia experience in lecturing at PUCP, USIL and UNI Peru (2010-2018). HPC intern at ORNL 2018. HPC Software Specialist at UKAEA since 2020. Tech Certifications: RHCE, RHCSA, AIX 6.1, AIX 7 Administrator, and ITILv3. Leader of LinuXatUNI Community, Creator of the "Mujeres Imperfectas | I'm perfect woman" channel, Reviewer of the Technological Magazine of ESPOL-RTE, Online trainer at BackTrackAcademy, blogger, photographer, IT-Linux-HPC-science worldwide speaker, graphic designer, researcher, content creator, press communicator... a simple mortal, just like you!
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3 Responses to Preparing my Chikiticluster in Frankfurt to my presentation

  1. Al says:

    Is the blocksize argument to dd really needed?

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