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Connecting to IRC with Empathy (FEDORA)

Fedora 22 is finally in my laptop, at least virtually this time 🙂 I will reconnecting myself again with some GNOME channels. This time I am so glad to join my friend Olenka (@broman) for her very first time. These are some … Continue reading

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Connecting to IRC with Empathy (UBUNTU)

A lot of people in GNOME use a dedicated IRC application called XChat, but that Empathy lets you connect to IRC too! So I can show you how to do that in a few minutes ;D Empathy is an application … Continue reading

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Configurando Emphaty en mi GNOME 3.2

El día de mañana tendremos una reunión on line con las #gnome-women de todo el mundo y bueno como formatee porque no tenia bien configuradas las particiones para poder tener fedora 16 – ubuntu 11.10 en mi misma lap, nuevamente … Continue reading

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You have it, but don’t use it

Everyday we use a serious combination of keys like CTRL+C to copy, CTRL+V to paste,  CTRL+ALT+SUP to turn the machine off/ to change  the session user, ALT+TAB to swith windows,  ALT+PRINTSCR to windows sreenshoots[0] There are multiple other key-commands we have  in our … Continue reading

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