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Evolution docs, second advanced: Freshing the Mail page

I am back in Peru,  thanks to GOD I am alive and well.  I spent time with my family and then I caught up on the Evolution documentation, I had to start again, so this is basically what I did: … Continue reading

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Restructuring Evolution – first draft, almost ready for Mallard

The current Evolution documentation have 213 and I hope I can make it in 72 Mallard pages. During the Hackfest I did the first draft in diagrams. To start, the main page is going to have 7 pages instead of 17 … Continue reading

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GNOME Newcomers Tutorial in Spanish!

After the presentation we did in the INFOSOFT 2013 in PUCP, Mario Lamas helped me to finished all the translation for the GNOME Newcomers Tutorial based in the previous experience with newbies during our first workshop. Please see some pictures … Continue reading

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8th Report OPW: The common problems of Cheese

Before all else, I want to share two more pieces of advice I learned during my git and mallard experiences: 1. If you have many files inside any other, for example files with png extensions into a ‘effects’ file, add tree … Continue reading

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Fifth Report: The three Cheese modes – Photo – Video – Burst.

After adding the index.page, it is a good idea to have multiple pages in the document.         So, I did three things that are usually use to do the documentation with mallard. Step 1: Add other pages … Continue reading

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Mallard and GIT

Mallard is a tool for writing documentation on Internet based on XML, that shows the text in a modern and fresh way to facilitate users reading, specially for newbies who wants to learn and explore a particular software or whenever … Continue reading

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