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First Mini Python Hackfest

After our Linux Camp 2012 event, a group of people who are interested in the Python development have gotten together again in Escuelab. Students from Free Software communities in Lima, Perú like UCSSINUX, San Marcux y COSOLIG shared together a … Continue reading

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GNOME Documentation Hackfest 2012 – Brno, Czech Republic

kittykat, amigadave, aklapper, j1mc, baptistemm, petrovak, philbull, mimico, shaunm, mdhillca, yulys and ihmis-suski (contacts on #docs on irc.gnome.org)) became real last week to contribute with the documentation for the new release of GNOME: 3.4.0. This group was managed by Shaun McCance, Phil Bull and WANDA (our … Continue reading

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