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Running Your First Programs in C – Part 2

This post begins where Part 1 left off.  Common programs such as calculating area of basic forms and scan inputs to print a result are developed in this post. 1.1- Calculate the diameter, perimeter and the area of a circle … Continue reading

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Running Your First Programs in C

One of my duties at National University of Engineering is to teach C to first year students.  I have talk about paradigms of programming and some history regarded to C language, starting with the year of creation 1969 – 1973 … Continue reading

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Punteros en C

Primero agradecer al profesor de Lenguaje de programación de la PUCP: Miguel Guanira!!! Ahora estoy aprendiendo punteros genéricos, punteros a funciones y argumentos en líneas de comando para lograr codear quicksort en C, utilizando estos conceptos. Verlos aquí.      … Continue reading

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other programs in C for UNIX / Linux

read #include <unistd.h> #include<stdlib.h> int main() { char buffer[128];  int nread;      nread=read(0,buffer,128); if(nread==-1)      write(2,”Un problema de lectura ha sucedido\n”,34); if(write(1,buffer,nread))!=nread)  write(2,”Un problema de escritura ha sucedido\n”,37); exit(0); } write #include<unistd.h> #include<stdlib.h> int main() { if((write(1,”Aquí hay datos\n”,14))!=14) … Continue reading

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