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The GNOME Project is a community that makes great software. All our work is free to use, modify and redistribute. Started in 1997 by two then university students, Miguel de Icaza and Federico Mena. Their aim: to produce a free (as in freedom) desktop environment. Since then, GNOME has grown into a hugely successful enterprise. Used by millions of people across the world, it is the most popular desktop environment for GNU/Linux and UNIX-type operating systems. Over 3500 people have contributed changes to the project’s code repositories, including the employees of 106 companies :)

Install Fest 2017 in Lima, Perú

Today we have celebrated another Install Fest at Lima, Perú. Our meeting was at UNI. Thanks to the support of Fedora LATAM and the GNOME Foundation, we did share step by step the installation of Fedora 25 and GNOME 3.22; … Continue reading

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Arranging Install Fest 2017

Next Thursday at the auditorium of the School of Computer Science, we are going to install in more than 200 new students of the university FEDORA + GNOME, since during the first year they study algorithms, C programming and GNU/Linux … Continue reading

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Applying to Outreachy and GSoC for Fedora and GNOME

The next 30 is going to be the deadline to apply to the Outreachy program and on April 3rd to the GSoC program. Lately in Peru a group of students were so interested in applying on it, since they have … Continue reading

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Post -Linux Playa at PUCP

Yesterday we have a session post-event #LinuxPlaya at PUCP allocating for morning and afternoon sessions. The idea was to guide students who has a potential talent to apply to the GSoC for GNOME and Fedora program as well as the … Continue reading

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#LinuxPlaya 2017, the Fedora and GNOME fest at the beach!

Last Saturday in Lima, Peru, a group of students and, Fedora and GNOME lovers have celebrated the event called #LinuxPlaya. Thanks to the sponsor of Fedora and GNOME, this group were able to travel from the PUCP university in Lima to … Continue reading

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The presence of Fedora and GNOME in DevAcademy

Today, I have been interviewed by Lennon Shimokawa (Founder of DevAcademy) to talk about the Free Software situation in Peru and how to get involved in the GNOME and Fedora project since you are interested to do it! This talk was part … Continue reading

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Today I did a talk to introduce students of UNSAAC to the Fedora and GNOME world as it was announced by the GDG Cusco group. We started at 8:30 am and it was a free event: I started by arranging … Continue reading

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