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CUDA Programming

I was invited to attend a CUDA workshop, this event was promoted by DIA PUCP. Thanks to the professor, Dr. Manuel Ujaldon, who trained us for about 12 hours using C. We use the cloud of NVIDIA to practice and we do … Continue reading

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Evolution docs, second advanced: Freshing the Mail page

I am back in Peru,  thanks to GOD I am alive and well.  I spent time with my family and then I caught up on the Evolution documentation, I had to start again, so this is basically what I did: … Continue reading

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Finally pushing for Evolution

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do the and tried to relate the other pages that Evolution already has. I had to review the Yelp help and remember all the Mallard styles. Today I finally got something that I … Continue reading

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Spreading the GNOME Word at FLOSSIE 2013

Last Friday I had the opportunity to spread the GNOME word in a conference in London.       I want to thank all the support I received from Paula Graham since I met her, she is a very nice person. It was … Continue reading

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FUDCon 2013

“Finally I have a day off after the event that made possible one of the greatest FUDCon ever”… this phrase was written the first day of November 2013, can anyone imagine how busy I was after this event?… no, you … Continue reading

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ohh GUADEC, look what you’ve done! (8)

After arriving to Lima I shared with family, friends, students and IBM partners what I lived and learned from the @guadec in Brno, Czech Republic. It was so great to see the joyness in their faces when they received the … Continue reading

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TeXstudio en Ubuntu 12.04

Instalando Para preparar las diapositivas para el GNOME FEST PERU 2013, esta vez utilizaré Textstudio. Con la ayuda de Mario Lamas, se logró instalar este paquete en tres pasos en Ubuntu 12.04: 1- Ir a la página de TeXstudio 2- … Continue reading

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