Learning Fortran

1.- Printing the Hello world

The hello world itself has not much explanation:Then we need to compile it and run it:

gfortran hello.f90 -o hello
Hello World!

2.- Converting degrees to radians 

In this case we are going to write a module called trig which contains two functions:degtorad and radtodeg. degtorad should be a function which converts angles from degrees to radians,radtodeg should perform the inverse operation. Then to read in 3 angles (in degrees) from the screen. The program should use module trig to convert the 3 angles from degrees to radians and then back to degrees again. Trig.f90:

angleconv.f90:To compile it:

module load intel-compilers-17

ifort trig.f90 angleconv.f90 -o angleconv


3.- Calculating root squares

Having three inputs: a, b and c, calculate the two root squares considering a determinant

gfortran quadraticeq.f90 -o quadratic


4.- Calculating complex square roots

Now we can use subroutines and module called mod_roots.f90

and the main program that will use the module and subroutines

gfortran mod_roots.f90 quadra3b.f90 -o qua


5.- Solving discontinuous functions like this:

1 ≤ x < 400 : y = x ∗ x ∗ x + C1

400 ≤ x < 1000 : y = x ∗ x + C2

1000 ≤ x ≤ 10000 :y = x

This can be a solution using arrays:

We can use also the structure WHERE to handle arrays:

The game of Life

I can only show the output of this code because involves a challenge we have in the University of Edinburgh. It was compile with gnu and intel. Thanks to my teacher Fiona!

About Julita Inca

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