GNOME 20th Birthday Party in Lima, Peru

This year I was pleased to receive the invitation for the 20th Birthday Party celebrated at the Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry during GUADEC 2017 in Manchester, UK . This was the nice invitation I had by e-mail:If I had sent invitations by e-mail to all the people who have been part of the development of the GNOME local community in Lima, Peru during the last seven years, I would have gotten more people invited as it was my intention when I did a post with a free invitation to anyone interested in the event:I say this because after posting photos of the event, many people commented  that they did not received a personal invitation. I was quite busy after two trip conferences and catching up on my work and the university theses days. So, public apologize to whose helped me to build a Linux community and was not personal invited to the GNOME 20th Birthday in Lima, Peru. There was a reason that make people regret in going to the event, I asked to people to write a post based on the presentation of Mister jhonatan Blandford and it was in English->

Unfortunately, people are not much familiar with the English skill. Lastly,  I want to point out the location of the event. I decided to do the event three hours far away from Lima Center because it was a free charge place, and it was a open huge local to share with friends with music and drinks. Traffic jump and the ride to VES is a bit of challenge.

On the other hand, I would like to thanks to all the attendees who are also facing harsh time getting back to classes and jobs after the CONECIT trip. We made it guys! we had a celebration in the August 26th, near the 15th August (the official GNOME celebration anniversary day). I promise I will do a better event next time, having in consideration the points explained in the previous paragraph.

As you can can see in this picture people from UNTELS, UPN, UNAC,PUCP, UNI and UNMSM were together to celebrate the GNOME Party! We prepared some trivias to exchange with people and I also want to publish the “behind the scenes pictures” to finally have the GNOME decoration:I was so happy to have the presence of Giohanny Mueck who helped me with the GNOME events since 2012 and then took a break for her certifications and university studies, and the presence of Andres Escobar who was the leader of San Marcux community and he taught me Linux SysAdmin in 2010 in UNMSM, now he is a Senior Android Developer at Belcorp.I had the chance to talk about the “GUADAC” idea, and the best option to organize it is at PUCP, with 370 sits in the auditorium with great Internet bandwith to work with the GNOME experts. We also remembered videos of Linux and related to it, and of course we have the “talk” about the companies that still support private software and Nvidia was on the table with this video

These are some posts so far we have from Toto, Solanch and JC “cachimbo“. This little event was inspirational to other provinces, then Rocio from Pucallpa is going to do the same in her local place at UNU, as well as Fatima Rouillon at Tingo Maria and Jorge Raymundo from Ica, leader of the community Icanux 🙂

About Julita Inca

Ingeniero de Sistemas UNAC, Magíster en Ciencias de la Computación PUCP, Magíster en Computación de Alto Rendimiento de la Universidad de Edimburgo, OPW GNOME 2011, Miembro de la GNOME Foundation desde el 2012, Embajadora Fedora Perú desde el 2012, ganadora del scholarship of the Linux Foundation 2012, experiencia como Admin Linux en GMD y Especialista IT en IBM, con certificaciones RHCE, RHCSA, AIX 6.1, AIX 7 Administrator e ITILv3. Experiencia académica en universidades como PUCP, USIL y UNI. Leader of LinuXatUNI Community, HPC Software Specialist at UKAEA, and reviewer of the Technological Magazine of ESPOL-RTE, and volunteering Linux training for MINSA Peru... a simple mortal, just like you!
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