Chromium and Flash in my Fedora 15

I was missing my Chromium Web Browser since Firefox is included by default in Fedora 15, so I decide to use by instinct yum install chromium, but it was not enough  🙄

* Searching in forums I discover this solution:

1.-  Create a file chromium.repo in /etc/yum.repos.d 

[root@yulys yum.repos.d]# gedit chromium.repo

2.- Paste this on it:

name=Chromium web browser and deps (trunk checkout)

name=Chromium web browser and deps – Source (trunk checkout)

3.- Now you can run on the terminal: yum install chromium

The icon will be displayed in Application/ Internet, ready to be added to your favorites!

* To install Adobe Flash: [1]

Keep this on your mind!!! Run it from Desktop file not from Download file

[root@yulys Desktop]# rpm -Uvh adobe-release-i386-1.0-1.noarch.rpm
[root@yulys Desktop]# yum install flash-plugin

[1] See more: Marina’s comment

About Julita Inca

Ingeniero de Sistemas UNAC, Magíster en Ciencias de la Computación PUCP, Magíster en Computación de Alto Rendimiento de la Universidad de Edimburgo, OPW GNOME 2011, Miembro de la GNOME Foundation desde el 2012, Embajadora Fedora Perú desde el 2012, ganadora del scholarship of the Linux Foundation 2012, experiencia como Admin Linux en GMD y Especialista IT en IBM, con certificaciones RHCE, RHCSA, AIX 6.1, AIX 7 Administrator e ITILv3. Experiencia académica en universidades como PUCP, USIL y UNI. Leader of LinuXatUNI Community, HPC Software Specialist at UKAEA, and reviewer of the Technological Magazine of ESPOL-RTE, and volunteering Linux training for MINSA Peru... a simple mortal, just like you!
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11 Responses to Chromium and Flash in my Fedora 15

  1. Marina says:

    Did you try installing Adobe Flash? Here is what I had to do on F15 to get it to work.
    – download “YUM for Linux” package from
    – follow the instruction under “Installation instructions for the YUM repository definition”
    – I also did ‘sudo yum install adobe-linux-i386’ in addition to ‘sudo yum install flash-plugin’, though I’m not sure what was that needed for

  2. Julita Inca says:

    Nice Marinaaaaaa, as always!!!… I did the first step you indicate above, but I did not ‘sudo yum install adobe-linux-i386’… I’ll try again tonight and see what happens ;D

    • bochecha says:

      Or, you could just follow the documentation 🙂

      And remember, it’s a wiki. So if you find something is not very clear, or doesn’t work, be bold and modify it! 😉

      Hope that helps.

      • Julita Inca says:

        Thanks bochecha for your comment… the link you recommend makes me understand some of this! 🙂

        #yum search flash
        Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit
        updates-testing/pkgtags | 39 kB 00:00
        ============================== N/S Matched: flash ==============================
        django-flash.noarch : A Django extension to provide support for Rails-like flash
        gallery2-flashvideo.noarch : Flashvideo module for Gallery 2
        python-webflash.noarch : Portable flash messages for WSGI apps
        0xFFFF.i686 : The Open Free Fiasco Firmware Flasher
        anki.noarch : Flashcard program for using space repetition learning
        flashrom.i686 : Simple program for reading/writing BIOS chips content
        flasm.i686 : Flash bytecode assembler disassembler
        gnash.i686 : GNU flash movie player
        gnash-klash.i686 : Konqueror flash movie player plugin
        gnash-plugin.i686 : Web-client flash movie player plugin
        granule.i686 : Flashcards program based on Leitner methodology
        ignuit.i686 : Memorization aid based on the Leitner flashcard system
        libnxt.i686 : Utility for flashing LEGO Mindstorms NXT firmware
        mnemosyne.noarch : Flash-card learning tool
        mtd-utils.i686 : Utilities for dealing with MTD (flash) devices

  3. Marina says:

    You definitely need to unpack the rpm with ‘rpm -Uvh ‘ and run ‘yum install flash-plugin’, as the instructions suggest to get this to work. As I said, I’m not fully sure what ‘yum install adobe-linux-i386’ was necessary for.

    • Julita Inca says:

      Thanks so much Marina!!! again and again xD
      The solution was always there!!… I just did:
      [root@yulys Desktop]# rpm -Uvh adobe-release-i386-1.0-1.noarch.rpm
      [root@yulys Desktop]# yum install flash-plugin
      *** My foolish mistake… I was run it from Download instead of Desktop

  4. joe says:

    thanks for the repo, worked perfectly. i prefer firefox but so far it has crashed and completely frozen my desktop 3 times in about 10 minutes, so lets try chromium. hard to know if its a problem with young gnome3 or the beta fedora15 im running.

  5. Dilip Kumar says:

    Chromium installed…thanks for the content

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